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We are a metabolic health conditioning company, we transform health inside - out.

Your metabolism is as unique as a fingerprint and is affected by factors such as age, body composition, stress levels, hormonal imbalances, low physical activity and poor diet. Therefore, understanding your metabolism - how your body produces and consumes energy - is the key to improving metabolic health and wellbeing.

We are of the strong belief that metabolic health derangement is the main reason for acquiring chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, cardiac disease and even cancer.

We correct the root cause of a condition scientifically than just treating the condition at a superficial level.

To help you take control of your life, we have introduced a transformation program called MISSION 90 that will simply change the way you look and live.


Mission 90 program will help you :

  • Prevent & largely reverse lifestyle diseases such as Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Stroke, Cardiac, Cancer, etc...
  • Lose weight and inches effortlessly
    (1/2 to 1 kilo every week)
  • Burn fat faster and gain lean muscle
  • Look young while you grow old
  • Increase Libido levels
  • Reset your hormones (testosterone, HGH, insulin)
  • Become sharper, energetic , remove brain fog, anxiety & depression
  • Handle stress better & improve your sleep
  • Improve the functions of your cells and fix leaky gut
  • Save a lot of money and time that you are currently spending
  • Live longer & happier

NOTE : Our program does not involve crash diets, weight loss machines , artificial supplements or even medicines


We have a two-step approach towards making you metabolically healthy

Mission 90

Give us 90 days of your life, we will change the way you look, live and feel.

Metabolic Screening

  • Assess your current health condition
  • Prescribe medicines if required


LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE by an expert health and life Coach (25 hrs personalized coaching in 90 days)

  • will help you get healthier – disease free ,pain free & medicine free
  • will help you get fit –improve your performance and appearance
  • will help your mind – handle stress better, become energetic and happier
  • will help you improve your relationship with yourself and with the world
  • will put you on a 21 days -Hormonal reset program 
  • will customize your nutrition plan based on your blood work
  • will design your fitness regime  based on your body type and train you accordingly
  • will introduce you to scientific and  ancient techniques
  • will introduce you to a new way of life

M & M Performance

  • A dedicated metabolic consultant will be assigned to Monitor and Motivate your performance


If you are:

Above the age of 35


Have family history of health conditions.


Currently suffering from any health conditions


Over weight / Obese


High stress levels and poor sleep


Eating out often


Drinking and smoking


No regular exercise

Respect the BODY you live in

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